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HB GROUP is a family business since our establishment in 2009.We are manufacture and marketing private label apparel products for man,woman and children.

We are built a solid reputation in garment’s knitting, dyeing, sewing and packing,since the beginning, we have developed into one of the best-established garments exporters in Chittagong,Bangladesh. 

HB GROUP has a New York City garment district-based showroom & sourcing office.We anticipate new fashion trends and develop cutting edge technologies and fabrics all in-house

and all built on the last few year traditions of uncompromised excellence in manufacturing, marketing and service. 

The US division is responsible for the design, marketing, sales, and production management of underwear, intimates, leisurewear, activewear, sleepwear and for  eading retail chains and brands around the world.These include private labels in the women, men and children categories, both owned and licensed.The US office manages activities beyond the pond as well,covering the H&B private label in the market.



About Us

All kinds of Knitwear Garments Manufacturer :

HB GROUP is our family business. The story is we had started our Manufacturing business with partners, in the beginning, 4 partners project it’s called- “FOUR H GROUP ” we have developed one of the successful & well-established knitwear garments Manufacturer in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

It was 2009 on November we started Journey with HB Fashions LTD with the family business for all kinds of Knitwear Garments manufacturing industry in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The sincere effort has been giving by HB Group employees have spurred the company to success and reward with numerous awards and trophies.


Sustainable Production

HB GROUP powerfully committed to providing a secure, healthy and environmentally friendly geographic point to any or all of their workers and valued customers. So, the property aspiration of hemoglobin cluster is being outlined by a broad set of ideas that features minimizing waste generation, utilize renewable energy, maximize opportunities of utilization



What We Offer

HB GROUP is a major exporter of knitted cut & saw Mfg products items like- Bra's, Panties, Boxer and that also includes garment products for Men, Women, Girls/Boys and Kids Wear. The product list even includes Thermal Top & Bottom sets, Sports Bra/Casual Bra/T- Shirt, A-Shirt, Shelf Cami, Bikini, Pajamas, Boxer Brief, leggings, Yoga pants & many kinds of Undergarments, Street wear, Active wear, Sportswear, Sleepwear & all kinds of knits production according to our buyer's design. Our specialized on the Fancy Styles. we have a big & separate SAMPLE SECTION, which gives us a unique strength.



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গার্মেন্টস শিল্প রক্ষায় ভর্তুকিসহ দীর্ঘমেয়াদি ঋণ দাবি মালিকদের

মালিকদের পক্ষ থেকে বলা হচ্ছে, সরকার ঘোষিত ৫ হাজার কোটি টাকার প্রণোদনা এককালীন অনুদান নয়, এটি বিশেষ ঋণমাত্র

এইচ.বি গ্রুপের উদ্যোগে কারখানা শ্রমিকদের খাদ্যসামগ্রী বিতরণ ।

এইচ.বি গ্রুপের মালিকানাধীন ৩ হাজার কারখানা শ্রমিকদের খাদ্যসামগ্রী বিতরণ ।


Our Trusted Partner

Highly communicative with garments leaders (buyers, retailers, importers and suppliers) from global markets to local including a high range of network in the European market , USA and North American countries with established and branded products. Employ hands-on and cross-functional leadership style, with proven success in ensuring well-organized, high-quality, and on-time delivery of products.

Md. Kamrul Huda

Md. Kamrul Huda

HB GROUP is all kinds of Knitwear manufacturers, suppliers, and Vendors. We are specialized in cut & sew undergarments & sleepwear from Chittagong. BANGLADESH and New York City Garment district-based Office & Showroom.  HB GROUP Since 2009 we have developed into one of the best-established garments exporters in Bangladesh. It's now 4 units 42 line Production capacity per month of more than 5,00000/dozens total 2500 workers and USD 65 million turnovers yearly.  We built a solid reputation in garment knitting, dyeing, sewing, printing, and packing finished in-house.  HB GROUP is all certified and approved with social compliance and went into operation with state art sewing and wet processing manufacturing able to produce according to buyers any style, designed for all ages and sex. Our NY division is responsible for the design, marketing, sales, and production management of underwear, intimates, activewear, sleepwear, and leading r


HB Industrial continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as Clothing Manufacturing, , Wholesale,Distributors, Suppliers, Vendor, E-commerce business services and consumer products.

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